Acid Stain Concrete Lafayette, LA.

Acid Stain Concrete Lafayette, LA.

Stained Concrete Contractors Lafayette, LA

Concrete is often perceived as nothing but a plain, gray material only worthy of being a base layer. Times sure have changed. Nowadays, it has transitioned from a bench warmer to a star player. However, concrete is very porous, thus, making it very vulnerable to ugly stains and discoloration. It is quite fortunate that there are decorative stains that could disguise that while improving the look of the surface.

 Benefits of Staining Concrete

Stained concrete is an efficient method of restoring a discolored yet otherwise functional slab.

  • It is a more inexpensive solution to removing and replacing the entire slab.
  • Concrete stains come in a wide selection of colors which can be mixed and matched to acquire your desired look.
  • Stains can be used as an additional element to other coatings and overlays.
  • A stain penetrates deep into the slab so it does not peel off, flake, or fade.
  • It can be used on both interior floors and outdoor surfaces.

Staining Project Ideas for Interior Floors and Other Concrete Surfaces

Concrete stains can be used on almost any type of concrete surface, be it indoors or out. As long as the slab is still in pretty good shape, and by that we mean free from cracks, holes, or dents, then it can be stained. You may use the one color on the entire space or incorporate two or more complementary hues for a more decorative look. It can also be applied in patterns by hand or with the use of stencils. Stains are great add-ons for resurfaced patios, pool decks, and driveways. A natural stone stamped surface, for example, can be made more realistic with hand-staining. Make sure to choose a color that matches or complements your home.

Cleaning and Maintaining Stained Concrete

A stained concrete driveway, pool deck, patio or interior floor looks so luxurious that it is hard to believe that it requires minimal upkeep. Installers apply a sealer as a finish to help protect the slab and enhance the color. If the surface is dirty, sweeping and dry mopping is enough to keep it clean. For stubborn dirt, an occasional wet mopping with water will do the trick. If you plan to use a commercial cleaning product, it is best to consult a pro first to make sure that it would not cause damage to the top layer.